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Daily Bible Verse – December 5

Daily Devotion Trusting God

Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the LORD will lack no good thing. – Psalm 34:10

It’s easy to think that if you serve God, you’ll be missing out. You’ll miss out on the parties, and all the fun it appears that those around you are having. Sometimes it even feels like you have to give everything up to serve God. However, today’s Bible verse shows us a different side of things. We see in this verse, that when we put our trust in God we will lack no good thing.

That’s great news. We don’t have to be concerned about having enough fun, relationships, or anything else. If we place our trust in God, He will see to it that we will not miss out on any good thing!

So don’t get discouraged, and don’t think that serving God is not worth it. Rather, focus on the fact that when you serve God you don’t have to lack any good thing.

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