How to Read the Bible and Not Fall Asleep – Part 2

Teen DevotionsIf you’re like most people, reading the Bible can feel like a bit of a challenge. Its a huge book, and sometimes, its hard to make yourself really get into it. Perhaps you really struggle with understanding the Bible or feeling like you read it but don’t get anything out if it.

If reading the Bible seems boring to you, it doesn’t have to be.  One great way to get more out of reading the Bible is to start by listening to teaching by other pastors and ministers.  They can offer easy to understand insights to the Bible, which will open the Bible up to you in new ways.  They share great things that they’ve gotten out of scripture.  If you pay attention as they speak you can read along in your Bible as they reference a scripture.  Sometimes, you can pick up where they left off and keep reading in the Bible. Lots of these pastors and ministers offer teaching you can listen to online. By listening to the teaching, you are getting God’s word into your heard, which will help you grow spiritually.

We’ve got lots of great resources too on our website to help you grow in your relationship with God. We offer video devotions and teaching, audio devotions, written devotions, and discipleship tracks to help you get started in your walk with God. Depending on how you like learning the best, you can pick a way that you like and get started getting into the Bible.

You can search online for other good ministries to listen to.  The main thing to watch for is that they teach from the Bible and put their focus on Jesus as savior and Lord of their life.

Don’t let any excuses stop you from reading the Bible. Challenge yourself to not be lazy, but to get into the Bible in some way or another everyday.

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