How to Know If You’re In Love

Youth Devotion - Being in Love

It can be hard to know if the relationship you’re in is “IT”. Is this true love? Are you in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend? How do you know if they’re the “ONE”?

It can be challenging to decide if you’re in love with the person that you’re dating. We’ve got a few things that should help you determine if what you’re experiencing is true love.

  1. Can You Accomplish something together? – If you had a history presentation to put together for class tomorrow would you be able to accomplish this task together? Or would someone end up mad at the other or have their feelings hurt? If your goal is a relationship that lasts and true love, you’d better pay attention to whether or not you guys can accomplish something together as a team.
  2. What do you like about the other person? – Be realistic and honest about this question. What do you like about the other person. If you come up with things like, you like the way their hair looks or the color of their eyes, chances are, you have a relationship based on the physical, not upon something deeper. While you should be attracted to the person that you will ultimately marry, you should have more things that you like about that person than just the physical.
  3. How Physical is your relationship? – Its easy to confuse hormones with love. You may be attracted to the person you’re dating and want to be close to them. You may enjoy the butterflies and feelings that you get when you’re around them. However, this is never a good indicator of love. Relationships based on physical attraction don’t last. You’ve got be able to separate attraction from love.
  4. Do you look out for the other person’s best interests? – If you’re in the relationship because the person you’re dating makes you feel good, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. You need to be willing to help the other person and be on the lookout for their interests.
  5. Does your relationship pull you closer to God? – Does the person you’re dating love God like you? Does being with them make you love God more. If not, run for your life. This is not true love and it is not a relationship that will last.

There are many indicators of true love in a relationship. If for any reason, your relationship doesn’t pass any of the conditions mentioned above you need to take a good look at your relationship. Its probably not one based on true love.

Also, if you’re not old enough to drive and don’t have a job, you’re probably not ready to date or fall in love. This might seem harsh, but it is true. Falling in love is not something to take lightly. You would hate to fall in love with the wrong person and end up with a broken heart and broken relationships. There is some wisdom to waiting and getting some life experience.

The main thing in determining if your relationship is the “Real Deal” is to ask God. He’ll be able to help you and show you if your relationship is one you should continue or one to end. Ask God for his direction and advice and you’ll find that you’ll enjoy your relationships even more.

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