Tips For Guys – Winning the Fight Against Lust

Teen Devotion - Lust

This is a devotion geared toward the sexual issues guys face daily. Every day guys are bombarded with images of females online, in magazines, and on TV. They are then faced with a decision of how they will respond to these images.

The first thing guys should know is that it’s ok to have a desire for sex. This just proves that you’re a typical male. God made you with a desire for sex. That’s normal. You shouldn’t feel bad for having those desires. It’s what you do with those desires that makes the difference. These desires if not handled in positive ways can lead to hurt for yourself and others later in life.

Without setting healthy boundaries for yourself sexually, you can get into destructive habits that are hard to break.  So, decide today to make smart decisions in this area. Sexual temptation in this area can be strong. However, there are several proven tips that can help you in this area.

  1. Stay Busy –  One of the best ways to fight this battle is to keep yourself busy. Get involved in extracurricular activities at school. Go out for soccer, or get involved in the drama club. Volunteer at a local food bank. Do something that gets you out of the house and involved with others. Staying busy helps you flee temptation in this area.
  2. Bounce Your Eyes –  This tactic is taken straight from a book I’d highly recommend called: Every Young Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn. He says the best way to win this battle is to make a decision to guard your eyes against looking at a women with lust. Even though you are surrounded each day with sexual images, you’re able to win the battle by guarding what you watch. A proven way to decrease your sexual desires is by decreasing what images you allow yourself to see. When your eyes see something sexually, it gives your sexual desires fuel. So, when you starve this area by bouncing your eyes, it makes this temptation much easier to tackle.
  3. You’ll always have sexual temptation –  This isn’t always encouraging news, but as long as you’re breathing you’re going to face sexual temptation. However, God designed marriage as a healthy outlet for these desires. Yet, for most of you, this may be years away. Even if it is going to be a while before you get married, you should put into place good habits now. Even after you get married and are able to have sex without guilt, you will still face temptation in these areas. That is why it is important to put into practice good habits now.

Practicing these tactics will help you win in the battle against lust. It can be a challenge sometimes to stay pure in these areas. However, it is always worth it in the end. When you learn to train yourself with good habits now, when you get married, you won’t carry any regret or hurt into your relationship. It’s tough sometimes, but it’s a battle worth fighting!

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