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Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Ephesians 6:6

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Don’t work only while being watched, in order to please men, but as slaves of Christ, do God’s will from your heart. – Ephesians 6:6

Working a job can be really hard sometimes. It’s easy to get tired of your job, or feel like you don’t want to work very hard at times. Staying motivated at work can be pretty difficult.

Today’s verse is talking about work. It challenges us to not just do a good job when our boss is watching us or when there’s profit for us, but rather to be doing a good job all the time. We should be working hard and doing a good job because we want to do the right thing for God.

Working hard and doing the right thing when no one else is watching is hard. It’s easier to slack off when no one watches or just take it easy. It takes character to work hard and do the right thing when no one is watching and there is no profit for you by doing it. Challenge yourself today to work hard and do the right thing, regardless of who sees. Choose to live your life to please God.

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