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    Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Mark 4:40

    Daily Bible Verse and Devotion - FearHe said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” – Mark 4:40 (NIV)

    Have you noticed how easy it is to have faith when things are going good? If everything in your life is easy it’s so easy to be thankful and happy. However, when things are difficult, you really get to see what you really trust in.

    The disciples were in the middle of a storm. And when things got scary and they weren’t comfortable they began to cry out in fear. Jesus asked them something amazing, He asked why were they still afraid.

    Today’s Challenge: Remember Jesus is With You

    Jesus thought that they should not be fearful. After all, He was right there with them in the boat. Didn’t they know that when He was with them, they didn’t need to be afraid? Lots of times, we’re guilty just like the disciples of being afraid.

    We’ve got Jesus with us and in us all the time. Yet too often we forget all about Him. We go through the storms of life afraid simply because we didn’t realize that Jesus was right there with us.

    So today, if you’re going through something tough, be encouraged. Jesus is with you. He’s helping you through the things that you face and you will come out on the other side. Don’t fear, simply trust in Him!

    If you enjoyed this week’s challenges on fear, here’s a quick recap video.

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