Why Dating Is A Lot Like Ordering From the Starbucks Menu

Youth Lesson on DatingI can think of several times I’ve gone into Starbucks and have been really unsure what to order. I probably looked the menu up and down a hundred times, just trying to find the “right” drink for me.

I don’t know a lot about coffee, so many times I’ll ask the person taking my order what they like to drink. I’ve ordered some drinks that they liked, but many times I’m disappointed in my order.

Its not that Starbucks is bad, its that I don’t know enough about coffee to ask for the right things. I end up with an order that doesn’t always fit my expectations.

A lot of the time, I think its easy to do the same thing when it comes to dating. Its easy to not know enough about dating and then end up disappointed in the process.

One important thing you can do when dating is to be an informed dater. Take some time to list out the four or five things you must have in the opposite sex. Likewise, list some things that you can’t stand. Then use this list as a guideline when approaching new relationships. This will help you weed out potential dates and help reduce the chances you will be disappointed in the end.

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  • Anonymous love
    January 24, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    This devotion is true in many ways. Although you may have a rough outline of who the person you are dating might be like, you never know for sure what they’re true personality is. If you want to start a good, healthy relationship, you need to start with god. If you feel guilty when you are around your crush or significant other, and feel ashamed to let people see that you are together, it’s probably not a very good relationship (this is not true of all cases, of course, you may just need to talk with them). If you feel good about out who you are with, understand each others boundaries, and are willing to let the world know that you are a couple, congratulations, you have probably found someone good for you. God will give you signs if your relationship is going down the wrong path, it’s our decision wether or not to acknowledge them. If your relationship is good, clean, and healthy, you will feel right with God when you are with them. God does not shame being in a relationship, he wants you to find love, and when you do, it will feel right.