Track 3 (Lesson #2) – What Makes The Bible Different?

Track 3 (Lesson #2) – What Makes The Bible Different?

Its important to become besties with the Word. The Bible isn’t a history or self-help book, but it has the power to change your life. Challenge yourself to get into reading the Bible and fall in love not just with Jesus but also with the Word of God.

Main Points

  • The Bible was written by many different people but still has the same theme (God’s plan to redeem or buy man back)
  • The Words in the Bible are inspired by God
  • The Bible has the power to change your life!

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Growth Scriptures

Here are a few scriptures that show what makes the Bible different.

Youth Leader Resources

If you’re a youth leader and would like to use this discipleship track for your youth group, download our Youth Leader Resource pack for this lesson! It comes with promotional material, a lesson outline based on the video above, powerpoint slides and discussion questions. This pack is a sure fire way to get your youth group established in the Word!


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