Tips for Dealing With Stress

Life is busy. Each day you try to cram in school, sports, music, friends, family, job, and God. It can be quite the feat some days trying to balance all the things you do or should be doing. Most likely you’ve got pressure from your parents to do well in school, sports or music. You’ve got pressure from your friends to hang out with them, to dress a certain way, or maybe even act a certain way.

There’s lots of stress and pressures that come upon you each day. Stress is a part of life, but what are some ways that dealing with stress can be, well, less stressful?

Here’s a couple of suggestions for dealing with stress.

  • Rely on others. When you’re really overloaded with the pressures of life, its okay to ask for help. You can rely on others to help. It might be asking a friend to help you with your math homework. Maybe you could ask your brother to help you this week with your chores at home by walking your dog. Or perhaps you could ask your parents for some advice in managing all your tasks.
    It doesn’t matter who you ask for help, just remember, you’re not alone. There are people in your life that can help share the load. Don’t be afraid to ask others for their help or advice.
  • Rely on God. God didn’t put you on the earth to figure it all out on your own. He’s willing and able to listen and wants you to share with Him what you’re going through. Don’t be afraid to get open and honest before God. Share with Him your thoughts and get His wisdom on how to deal with the stress in your life.
  • Remove the extra stuff. Many times, stress comes by simply committing to too many things. You might have volunteered for the winter dance committee, the basketball manager, and spending time mentoring younger kids. While all those things are great, you realistically don’t have time to do them all. You may have to say ‘no’ to a few things that you want to be a part of.  When you do, you’ll free up more time in the day to do the things that are really important.
  • Determine real pressure. Make sure that if you’re feeling stressed that the pressure you feel is real. Perhaps you feel stress because you feel like your parents want you to do better at soccer. This might not be the case. Your parents may not be putting any pressure on you to do better at soccer. This pressure is just in your head and in what you think they want you to do. You’ve got to learn to separate the real pressure from pressure that is in your head.
  • Communicate with others. If you’re stressed and you simply have too much to do, communicate with others about it. For example, if you’ve got a huge project due on Monday and a huge band concert that you have to practice for on Saturday, let your teachers know. Sometimes, if you’ve got a good track record with your teacher, they may let you turn in a project a day late. Its worth communicating with others to see if there is a solution to your situation.
  • Find stress relievers. Find out what helps you de-stress. It might be taking a long bath, reading a book, or taking a bike ride. Whatever it is, be sure to carve out a few minutes each week to do it. Finding things that help you relieve your stress is really important.

These are just a few tips to help you deal with stress. Life is stressful at times, but its great to know that when you’re feeling the pressure you can always go to God. God is always willing and able to help you with the pressures of life. He’s able to give you the wisdom you need to get through any tough situation. So no matter how stressed out you feel, take comfort in knowing that God is there for you and cares about everything that you’re going through.

Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us – Ephesians 3:20 HCSB

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