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Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – James 1:3

If we’re honest, most of us would like to avoid tests and trials in life. No one likes going through hard times. However, this Bible verse shows us something really great about the tests of life. It tells us that those tests produce endurance in our lives.

Many times, athletes will undergo endurance training to help them become better in the sport they play. They train their bodies and their minds to withstand for long periods of time. This produces results like overall feeling better and having more energy.

Daily Bible Verse James 1:3Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. – James 1:3

In the same way, we can grow in endurance training spiritually too. Each difficulty in our life gives us another chance to trust in God and each test can help make us better. If we let them, the tests and trials in life can be a way for us to learn to trust God in new ways, and to learn and grow in endurance. So the next time you’re faced with a test in life, you can be encouraged by what this Bible verse says. Realize that even though the trials can be hard, that they’re producing character in your life and if you let them, these trials can bring you to rely more fully on God.

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Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Psalm 4:8

Youth and Teen Devotion on Peace Psalm 4:8 Parent Divorce

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. – Psalm 4:8 New International Version (NIV)

Now, many of us may lie down and sleep thinking of all the circumstances and problems in our lives and whether the following day is going to be different and solutions to them are going to be brought. There might be countless times where you’ve asked yourself why you’re surrounded by a large number of circumstances or whether the huge adversity you’re going through will end at any time. What’s more, you feel like you cannot find a way out of it.

The other day, I was at university with some mates; classes had already finished and we’d decided to have a get-together, afterwards. So we sat down on the grassy ground and a guy suggested that we could sing something from our church. And we did so and an another guy joined us by playing the guitar. That precise moment let me remember memories of my childhood. One summer morning, at the age of 13, I got up feeling that that day was going to differ from the others. Mom and dad had started arguing again and I was in the middle of the shouting among them. One week had gone by and they had decided to get divorced.

That was, for me, one of the most horrible and hard moments, and I’d never thought that I was going to be one of the children in the list of “Divorced Parents”. Honestly, I wasn’t able to assimilate what was going on at that very moment. The promises of God, we all regularly repeat like “ God’s in control”, “Trust in him”, “He’s going to get this problem fixed” among others seemed to be gone.

All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and let me understand that it was possible to get out of the current troubles in our lives. God managed to do so and this is demonstrated on the cross.
Have you ever imagined whether it could’ve been extremely hard for God to accept that his one and only son was going to be sacrificed? God is a father to all of us, and a father cares about his sons and daughters; he even cries for them.

Would you dare to let your son or daughter be sacrificed? If you thought of it, I think your answer would be, “No”. When God says he’s on your side and he encourages you to keep going is because he went through the hugest adversity ever, the death of his son who later rose again.

So, I’m here to encourage you and to say that God loves you, and he’s carrying you through the circumstances so that you don’t get hurt. Do not give up. Remember that circumstances are a excuse for God to bless your life in all aspects. Stay Still!

This is a guest post submitted by Lucas Beron. He’s an English Teacher, and a Pastor’s grandson from Argentina who tries to be a history maker. At the moment, he teaches children about Bible at church and is a part of the youth group. Also, he spreads the word of God at university.

What History Tests Teach About Tough Times

Teen and Youth Devotion on Tough TimesTaking tests are never fun. Usually the night before a big history test is filled with lots of cramming and memorizing all the key facts in hopes of getting a good grade. Many times, studying involves staying up really late, hoping that by looking at your book a few million times those facts will stick in your head.

Then comes the moment of truth. On the day of the test, you find out if all your studying paid off. Tests like these aren’t easy. Each test comes with its set of facts, terms, battles, or important events. Its when you’re in the moment of taking the test, you really see if all your hard work studying paid off, or if you should have invested more time. On a test, you either know the answer or you don’t. There’s not really a middle ground. You either know the answers or you don’t. Its in the tests that you find out if you put in enough preparation. Like it or not, the time you spend studying before the test and memorizing the facts and terms makes a big difference in your test results.

Tests however, aren’t just something that happen in History class. They come to us in life too. Life hands us lots of tests. Sometimes they’re easy, but other times they’re really difficult. However, just like taking your history test, your preparation before the test makes all the difference. So what does preparing for a test in life look like?

Most of your preparation for life’s tests is by spending time reading your Bible and getting God’s word in your heart. God’s word is what will keep you anchored when things get rough.

I have treasured Your word in my heart so that I may not sin against You. – Psalm 119:11 (HSCB)

Making sure that you’ve got God’s word in your heart will help you when things get tough. When you study for a history test, you’re putting the answers in your head. Then when its time to take the test, you just have to recall what you studied. The same is true in the tests of life. Putting God’s word into your heart gives you answers to draw on when you’re faced with a difficult situation.

Tests and trials come to us all, but its what you’ve studied and learned before the test that keeps you going in the test. So don’t show up to the tests of life unprepared. Take some time to get God’s word into your heart. When you do, you’ll find that you’re ready to face anything that comes your way.

 Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. – James 1:3

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