How To Make Better Decisions

devotion-for-teens-making-decisionsHave you ever made a really bad decision? Or maybe sometimes you just struggle with making a decision. Maybe you’re afraid to make the wrong choice and so its hard for you to commit to making a decision and stick with it. Making decisions can be tricky at times, but here’s a few thoughts that we think will help make the decision making process easier.

  • God wants to help. God wants to lead and guide His children into making good decisions. Whether its what car to buy, or who to date, God is interested in helping you make a good decision about that thing. So lean on His wisdom and include Him in the decision making process.
    Those who are led by God’s Spirit are God’s children.” – Romans 8:14 (GNB)
  • Spend time with God. To really get to know God and get His take on your decisions, you’ve got to start by spending time hanging out with God. You get to know God better by reading the Bible and talking to God/praying. So invest the time now getting to know God so that when a time of decision comes, you’re ready to know and hear His voice.
  • Don’t get mad if you don’t get an answer right away. Its easy to pray about something and expect an answer right that second. Sometimes, the answer doesn’t always come right away. So don’t give up or back out on involving God in your decisions if you don’t hear anything right away. Choose to hang in there, knowing that God will always come through for you.
  • Balance God’s wisdom with other people’s wisdom. If God speaks to you about a decision always go with what God says, not what others say. However, if you haven’t really heard anything from God about a decision, its okay to ask other people for advice or help. Some decisions aren’t world altering, and so its totally fine to just lean on the advice, thoughts, or wisdom of others.

Making better decisions always starts by putting God and His word first in your life. If you’ll choose to always put those things first in your life, you’ll find that you’ll be making better decisions and living with less regret. Choose to always put God and the Bible first in your life!

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