Are You Hungry For God?


are you hungry for god teen devotion youth devotion bible lessonHave you ever been so hungry that your stomach was growling uncontrollably? I know I have. In fact, one day during U.S. History, my stomach was growling so loud that it disrupted class. My stomach was so loud that the teacher had to bring me food just so the class could focus on the lesson that day.

I’m sure you’ve had situations where you’ve been hungry. What did you do when you were hungry? Did you just sit around hoping to get food? Or did your hunger cause you to act?

In most cases, hunger produces action. For example, if you’re hungry, you’ll go find yourself a snack, or ask someone for food. Hunger produces action. In the same way, we should be hungry for the things of God. As Christians, we shouldn’t be satisfied with just going to church, just living our lives, but not allowing the power of God to change us. We should be so hungry for God that it causes us to act. Our hunger for God should empower us to go out and change our world.

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So my question is…are you hungry? Are you desiring the things of God? Are you wanting more than just average Christianity? Or are you caught up in your own life, your own problems and concerns?

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled – Matthew 5:6

Don’t let your Christianity be ordinary. Decide today to start getting hungry for the things of God. As you get more excited about God you’ll change your world!

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