How to Get Your Heart Sucker Punched

Teen Advice, Youth Bible Study Lesson and Devotion on Dating and Broken Heart

February is known for Valentine’s Day. Its a holiday that’s great, if you have a date. If you don’t, its a sad reminder that you’re single, and not getting a stuffed bear, box of chocolate or whatever else your significant other might get you. With the idea of relationships in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind if you’d like a broken heart. Or if you’d rather avoid a broken heart, then these are a few things to not do in a relationship.
  1. Have Sex.

    If you’re not married, you shouldn’t be having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It doesn’t matter how amazing the person is, or how you know that this person is the “one” and that one day the two of you will get married. The point is you’re not married right now, and that’s what counts.
    Many teenagers think its okay to have sex if you’re thinking about marrying the person you’re dating. However, the only time you should have sex is when you’re married. Not almost married, not after you’ve exchanged promise rings, or if you’re talking about marriage. If you’re almost married, you’re NOT married. Something could happen, you could break up. And if or when you do, your heart will get ripped to shreds because you didn’t guard it. Choose to not allow your heart to be broken. Choose to go about having sex God’s way, and keep your heart from being broken.
    Stay away from sexual sins. Other sins that people commit don’t affect their bodies the same way sexual sins do. People who sin sexually sin against their own bodies. – 1 Cor 6:18 (God’s Word)

  2. Fall in Love.

    Many teenagers let themselves fall in love with the person they’re dating. Almost all teenage relationships don’t end in marriage. So, if you allow yourself to fall in love too quickly, you’re going to get hurt. Guard your heart. Take time to get to know the person you’re dating. Don’t give too much of your emotions away to that person. If you allow yourself to fall in love too quickly you are setting yourself up for heartbreak in the long run.
    Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. – Proverbs 4:23 (NLT)

  3. Don’t give your life to God.

    One of the best ways to get your heart broken is to not give your life to God. God created you to need Him. You’re not designed to run your life on your own. You were created for relationship and fellowship with God. God wants to guide you, comfort you, and walk with you through life. By not giving your heart to God, you are not allowing Him to be your comfort and guide for your life. Life can be tough at times and if you’d like a broken heart, the best way to do that is by not letting God into your life.

These are three things to do if you’d like a broken heart. Heartbreak isn’t what God desires for your life, but He lets us decide if we want to follow Him or not. By not following God and what He has said in His word, you’re opening up your heart to be broken.

Choose to follow after God and allow Him to direct your paths. As you do, you’ll find that you’ll be happier and experience less heartbreak.

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