Daily Devotions and Bible Verse

Daily devotion and Bible verse on being faithfulNow hurry back to my father and say to him, ‘This is what your son Joseph says: God has made me lord of all Egypt. Come down to me; don’t delay.
– Genesis 45:9 (NIV)

The story of Joseph is a one of a long line of pit falls. When he was 17 he had a dream that one day his older brothers would bow down to him. His brothers got jealous and threw him in a pit. They then changed their minds and sold him into slavery. As a slave he served his master and was eventually promoted. The master’s wife wanted him to sleep with her and when Joseph refused she eventually lied and accused him of raping her. He then was thrown in prison. While in prison, he also was faithful and was promoted to running the entire prison. While in prison God helped Joseph interpret dreams. When the king of Egypt had a series of troubling dreams he asked if there was anyone who could interpret them. All his people could not. Then an ex-prisoner remembered about Joseph and that he could interpret dreams. Joseph was asked to come out of prison to interpret the king’s dream and he successfully did, the king promoted him to be the second in command of all of Egypt. At this time Joseph was 30 years old, 13 years after he had the original dream that his brothers would bow down to him.

Joseph’s example is one of faithfulness. Joseph could have had a bad attitude and gave up on God and on his dream. However, he didn’t give up on God nor on the dreams that God had placed in his heart. Joseph stayed faithful and worked consistently hard no matter where he was at.

We can all learn from Joseph’s faithfulness and consistency. God has most likely spoken something to you about His plans for you. They might seem like they are a million miles away from ever coming to pass. However, instead of complaining and not giving your best today, decide that like Joseph your going to stay faithful to God and to the dream He’s put in your heart to do. Whether you see your dreams coming to pass soon or not, choose to serve God and work your best knowing that eventually faithfulness will pay off just like it did for Joseph.

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