Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – January 18

BIble Verse and Devotion for Teens on Failure

The man replied, “Who appointed you to be our prince and judge? Are you going to kill me as you killed that Egyptian yesterday?” Then Moses was afraid, thinking, “Everyone knows what I did.” – Exodus 2:4

In this Bible verse we see that Moses failed. He did something really bad, he killed someone. Despite his sin, Moses didn’t let this failure define him for his entire life. Moses eventually lead the nation of Israel out of slavery and did many amazing things for God.

Like Moses, when you face a set back or failure, you have a choice. You can let that failure define and stop you. However, people who are successful, choose to view failure as being temporary. Failure can’t stop you unless you let it.

Who you are when you fail is just as important as who you are when you succeed. Failure is never final unless you let it be. Choose to be a person like Moses who is able to learn from your mistakes and go beyond them. Failures and mistakes happen to us all, however, if you treat them as a learning opportunity, they don’t have to be final in your life!

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  • Jerrisa
    January 28, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Hey! This is actually Exodus 2:14 * . Also, isn’t this scripture more related to the fact that Everything we do will eventually catch up with us?
    Btw, I enjoy this blog and use it for my daily devotions! Only missed one day since the year started and i made up for it!