Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Colossians 2:10

Teen Bible Verse and Devotion on Being Complete in Christ

So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority. – Colossians 2:10 (NLT)

Do you hate things about yourself? Do you wish you were more outgoing? Or that you did better at sports? If we’re honest, we all have things we wish that were different about ourselves.

It’s easy to look at ourselves and see all the things that are wrong. However, if we always focus on the bad stuff about us, we will always be unhappy.

Instead of focusing on all the things that are wrong with yourself, instead, focus on the fact that you’ve been made complete in Jesus. Jesus has dealt with your sin on the cross. So in God’s eyes, you’re complete in Him.

Today’s Challenge: Learn to Live With Imperfection

You are not perfect, and you will never be perfect. However, you can learn to live with your imperfection. You can choose to focus on what Jesus says about you instead of getting upset about all the things that are imperfect about yourself.

So today choose to focus on God’s love for you. Instead of getting down on yourself for what is wrong about you, choose to focus on what God says. He says you are made complete in Jesus.

Jesus loves you and thinks you have great worth. Don’t allow yourself to get down. Choose instead to focus on God’s great love for you! You find true freedom when you replace the idea of perfection with what God says about you.

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