Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Hebrews 12:2

We look away from the natural realm and we fasten our gaze onto Jesus who birthed faith within us and who leads us forward into faith’s perfection.  – Hebrews 12:2 (a) TPT

One time I was driving and I dropped my phone. I thought it would be easy to just quickly reach down and grab it. However, my phone had bounced and flipped its way under my seat. I could feel it, but I just couldn’t seem to dislodge it. I took a break and reached under the seat again and gave it a good tug. My phone came flying up from whatever was holding it. However, in the time I had spent with my head down getting my phone, my car was no longer on the smooth road. I had begun to drive in the gravel next to the road and was sort of fishtailing a bit out of control.

Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt. It was a good wake up call for me though. I realized that it really did matter where I was looking at when I was driving. That’s a lot like what today’s Bible verse is challenging us to do. It tells us to look away from the natural realm and fasten our gaze on Jesus.

The Bible tells us this because God knows how important it is for us to focus our attention on Jesus. In the world we live in today, it’s so easy to let Jesus fall out of focus. We have so many things that try to drag our attention off of Him. However, if we’re to keep our relationship with Jesus strong and exciting, we’ve got to take our eyes off all the distractions and focus on Jesus.

Today challenge yourself to spend more time focusing on Jesus. Don’t get distracted by all the other things trying to get your attention. Rather focus on Jesus and let Him lead your life.

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