3 Ways to Motivate Others

Teenager Leadership Motivation

One important part of being a leader is learning how to motivate others. But, being able to motivate others doesn’t just happen automatically. Rather, its something that you can learn to do and grow in. Motivation isn’t manipulation or forcing others to do something you want them to do. Motivation wins people over and influences them for an advantage that is beneficial to both you and them. That’s why motivation is way better than manipulation. When people are manipulated, they end up feeling upset and used. When you learn to motivate someone, they’re much more likely to be happy about what they’re doing. Here are three ways to help boost your motivation skills.

  1. Earn their trust. In order to motivate someone, you’ve got to earn their trust. You’ve got to be open and transparent with them. You can’t be someone who isn’t a person of their word or who isn’t trustworthy if you want to be a good motivator.
  2. Be a person of your word. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t just make random statements, but choose to always
  3. Believe in yourself. People like to follow someone who believes in themselves. You don’t have to have all the answers, but a little confidence goes a long way in motivating others.

The last thing to do when growing to be a better motivator is to ask God for His wisdom and help. He can lead you and direct you when it seems that no one else can. His wisdom is way better than what any leadership book or seminar can teach. Following after God and tapping into His help when leading others will take you far!

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