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Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Luke 10:41

Teen Devotion on Worry and Anxiety

But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, – Luke 10:41 (ESV)

In today’s Bible verse we see Jesus talking to Martha. She had tons of stuff to do and she felt as if she was all alone in getting it done. Her sister wasn’t helping her, but rather listening to Jesus. Martha had every right to be anxious. She had so many things going on and was probably under a lot of pressure.

You might feel like Martha did sometimes. The pressure to do good at school is weighing on you. You’re faced with lots of responsibilities and sometimes you might wonder if you’re really cut out to do it all.

The Bible says in yesterday’s Bible verse that we are to be anxious for nothing. That means that even when we are justified in our anxiety, we aren’t to become anxious. Instead, we are to rest in God’s peace. We can choose to walk in the peace of God even when things don’t look good around us.

Doing that isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. To start, begin taking some deep breaths to calm yourself down. Then think of a promise in God’s word that makes you happy. Anytime you feel yourself getting anxious take another deep breath and say a scripture to yourself. The more and more you do this, the easier it will be to walk in peace!


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