Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Acts 13:38

Acts 13:39

Have you ever turned in a project for school, and when you got it back from your teacher, realized you forgot to do an important part of the assignment? It can be easy to get busy working on a project and forget to do all the things your teacher assigned for you.

In the same way, it can be easy to forget what makes the gospel special. Here’s what Acts 13 says about what Jesus did.

“Brothers, listen! We are here to proclaim that through this man Jesus there is forgiveness for your sins. Everyone who believes in him is declared right with God—something the law of Moses could never do. (Acts 13:38, 39 NLT)

That’s pretty amazing. Through Jesus, our sins are forgiven and when we believe in Jesus we are made right with God.

So don’t get too busy living your life, making friends, and doing homework that you miss the main point of the gospel. We’ve been made right with God. We can know the living God. That’s great news!

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