Track 2 (Lesson #4) – God is Good

Discipleship Track 2 (Lesson #4) – God Is Good

Have you ever taken the blame for something you didn’t do? Maybe you got blamed for your brother breaking your mom’s new dishes, or a rumor was started at school about you that wasn’t true. How did that make you feel? Just like you, sometimes God gets blamed for things He didn’t do. Many times in movies and on TV God takes the blame for things He didn’t do. This youth lesson will show you from the Bible about who God really is.

Main Points

  • God is good!
  • Knowing about God’s goodness helps you love Him more.
  • Knowing that God is good helps you want to live for Him.


Growth Questions

These questions will help reinforce the truths in this lesson.
Download Your Growth Questions : Lesson # 4 – God is Good

Growth Scriptures

Read these awesome scriptures about God’s goodness and get them into your head and heart. You’ll find that loving and living for God is easier when you know how much He loves you!


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