What Google Maps has to Say About Life After Death

Using Google maps can be kind of addicting. Its so much fun to be able to punch in a location and instantly see what is located near it and the best way is to get there.

We can use Google maps as an illustration to answer a question that lots of people have, “Why Would a loving God send someone to hell when they die?” This a really good question. If we see in the Bible that God is good and loves everyone, why does He allow people go to hell?

I think Google maps can help us answer that question. When you use Google maps, it asks you to pick a destination. Google maps doesn’t automatically fill in a destination for you or choose for you where you should go. Rather it lets you choose and make a decision where you want to go. That is exactly what God does. God doesn’t send anyone to hell and doesn’t want anyone to go to hell. But He doesn’t force an eternal destination on us. He leaves it up to us to choose.

We can choose to follow after God and accept that Jesus is the son of God, making Him The Lord of our lives. Or we can choose to ignore Jesus and not accept Him as The Lord of our lives. That choice determines our eternal destination.

Romans 3:25 –For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding His blood.

Just like getting directions from Google maps, we have to decide in life our eternal destination. Choose to make heaven your destination by making Jesus to be The Lord of your life.

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