How to Be Used by God

Devotion - How To Be Used By God


No matter who you are or how old you are, God can use you. In fact, God wants to use you. Yes, you read that right, God wants to use you. God wants to use you because you’ve got something to share with the world.

See when God does something for you, you suddenly have a story to tell that can encourage others. Or if you’ve learned something cool about God you can share that with others.

The secret to being used by God is to be willing. I recently ran into a girl I used to work with. She shared that her mom is really sick. I was able to tell her that God healed me of asthma when I was a kid. I was able to pray with her about her mom. When I prayed with this girl I didn’t get really loud or do anything weird. I even asked her if it was okay before I started praying.

Just like God used me, God wants to use you as well. There are so many people around us that need us to step out and be God’s hands and feet. If we are listening inside in our hearts for God’s voice, we can often hear him say things like: “I think you should go ahead and pray for her or him”.

Stepping out doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes people are not open to God and what you have to say. But, as you step out and try, you will often be amazed at what God can do through you. Then you walk away with a cool feeling knowing God has been working through you.

So be willing to be used by God. Look for opportunities that He places in your life each day and step out and see what God will do through you!

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