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Help! I Have No Friends

Teen Devotion on Friendships

Have you ever felt like all your friends have left you? Maybe you feel like no one really gets you or cares about you. It’s true, friendships can be tricky, but here are a few secrets to help you make better friendships and to not be disappointed with the ones you have.

  1. Ask yourself: “Am I doing anything to push people away?”
    I was really shy in school and because of that, I didn’t get asked to do much socially.
    Maybe you’re doing things that annoy or drive people away. Be honest and ask yourself if you are doing something that’s pushing others away.
  2. Realize: Not everyone is going to treat you right.
    Even if you do everything right, some people are going to not be kind to you. Some people don’t know God and have no basis for treating others with kindness and respect. Life is full of people who aren’t going to treat you right, so realize that and be ready for it when it happens.
  3. Be Friendly.
    One of the best ways to get friends is to be friendly. Do you ever take the time to listen to others? Do you go out of your way to try to talk to others? Doing these things can help you gain friends!
    “A man who has friends must himself be friendly” – Proverbs 18:24
  4. Get God’s Perspective.
    If you are feeling bad about yourself due to a lack of friendships, don’t. Don’t allow other people to determine your self-worth. Whether you have tons of friends or not, you are worth a ton to God.
    I will give thanks to you because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made.” – Psalm 139:14

Even if you feel like all your friends have bailed on you, realize that God will never leave you. He’s there to help you and love you. No matter what people do to you, God is on your side. He cares about you like no one else can.

So don’t allow yourself to feel like you’re not important if others don’t always treat you right. People aren’t always going to do the right thing, so you’ve got to choose to let God’s opinion of you be the one that matters.

Teen Devotion on FriendshipsEvery Teenager’s Guide to Successful Friendships

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