Seven Rules For Daily Living


A few months ago I came across an old notebook that was my great grandfather’s. He had taken the time to cut out articles, thoughts, and quotations that he liked. It was really great to see his heart toward God and understand more about his relationship with God.

In flipping through the worn and yellowed pages, I found a cut out article pasted into a page that really spoke to me. It says it was adapted by Douglas Parsons in the summer of 1940.

Here is the article, I believe you’ll be inspired by it!

  1. I must let nothing take me away from my times with The Lord
  2. I must keep from making any plans of my own, but must be instant in my response to “the still small voice”
  3. I must in nowise, justify myself before men for those things which The Lord leads me to do – but I must make it my aim by confession, to keep myself justified in His presence
  4. I must ask The Lord continually to fashion the fruits of the spirit in me.
  5. I must not let a day slip by without interceding for others
  6. I must get to know my Father, and The Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit better
  7. I must do all things(even the smallest) by faith

I believe this list will bless and challenge you to get to know God even more.


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