How To Get Promoted At Work

Youth Devotion on Reaching your dreams

Being a teenager, and having your own job is a great thing! Its exciting making your own money and being able to buy things that you want. In light of that, we’ve come up with some sure-fire tips that will help increase your chances of being promoted at your job.

  1. Copy what the successful people do – Find a person at your job that is successful and has been promoted. Watch to see the things they did to get promoted. Find out what your company rewards and do those things. You might be a hard worker, but if you’re doing the wrong types of things, you WONT get promoted. Find out what types of things your boss is looking for and do those things.
  2. Keep a good attitude/be willing to learn – Learning a new job can be really hard sometimes. It can be easy to think you’re not going to get it, or want to give up. Its important at your job to keep a good attitude. Your co-workers will be happier to work with you and want to help you more if you have a good attitude. People enjoy being around a person that has a good attitude and wants to learn. If you’re having a bad day, try to not let it affect how you treat others. Stay positive and over time, your boss and co-workers will notice.
  3. Choose to get along with others – It can be really hard to deal with those people who you just don’t like. When a person rubs you the wrong way, it can be really tough to want to get along with them. But, no matter how others treat you, you should CHOOSE to respond to them kindly. The Bible talks about it like this:
    “The message you heard from the very beginning is this: we must love one another.” – 1John 3:11 (NLT)
  4. Don’t get discouraged – If you’re doing all the “right” things but still haven’t been promoted, its easy to want to give up and get discouraged. Many times people give up and quit their job right before a promotion was coming. Its easy to want to give up and get discouraged waiting for a promotion to come, to feel like its taking FOREVER! The Bible puts it this way:
    “So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.” – Galatians 6:9 (Message)
    Don’t give up. Promotion will come your way, if you don’t quit.

Getting promoted at a job takes time and it takes effort. If you give it your best, keep a good attitude, choose to get along with others and not be discouraged, you will be on track to getting a promotion. Your job can be a great way for you to see God move on your behalf. Ask God for His help at your job and for wisdom. You’ll be surprised at what he’ll show you!

Pray: God, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I ask for your help at my job. I believe that with your help I can become a better employee. I know that you desire good things for me, so I ask for your help at my job. In Jesus’ name, Amen.