How To Be a Nerd (Success at School)

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You might really be questioning our sanity here at Student Devos by this post. How to be a nerd? Why would you want to be a nerd in the first place? Nerds are not cool, unless you’re talking about the candy. Then by all means be a nerd.

Being a nerd might not be your goal in life, but we do have some tips that might help you out with your school work. It probably wont make you a hardcore nerd, but at least it might help you out a little with your school work and grades.

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Here’s our top 3 tips to nerdy bliss:

#1 – Show up. Yep. Not exactly groundbreaking there, but simply showing up for class every day will help improve your grades. Not only showing up physically(body in the seat) but show up mentally(mind there, listening to the teacher). Showing up every day is the #1 thing that will set you apart from others. No matter how boring the teacher might be or how much you’d rather talk to friends, showing up and paying attention in class makes a huge difference in your grades.

#2 – Do what’s asked. How many times have you watched someone do the wrong worksheet or the wrong problems on the assignment? It’s important to pay attention to the requirements given by your teacher. If you do what they ask, you are guaranteed to get better grades.

#3 – No slacking/excuses. If you didn’t do the homework, don’t make excuses about why it isn’t done. Just take responsibility. Own up to your actions and be proactive. If you know that for some reason you’re not going to get an assignment done, talk to your teacher. Find out if you can make up for it, or have an extension. If you’re really trying, your teacher will usually be glad to work with you.

These are our tips on how to be a nerd. Hopefully, you’ll be able to put some to use and get your nerd on!

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