Why Should I Read The Bible?

Teen Devotion why should I read the Bible

Have you ever needed to take some medicine for when you were sick? Maybe you had a nasty cold and you ran to the doctor to get a prescription for some medicine to help you get better faster. Let’s say you went to the pharmacy, got the medicine and brought it home. You set the medicine on your counter and left it there. A few days later, you ended up calling the doctor. You couldn’t understand why you weren’t getting any better. Your doctor would probably ask you if you were taking your medicine as often or as much as he/she had prescribed. Since the medicine is still sitting on the countertop, you’d have to say ‘no’ that you weren’t taking it like the doctor had prescribed.

The only way for medicine to work for you is to get it in you. If it just sits on your counter all week, its not doing you any good. Its when its in you that its real power goes into effect.

The same is true when it comes to reading the Bible. The Bible does no good in your life unless you get it into you. You’ve got to spend time reading it, thinking about it and doing what it says for it to have power and make change in your life.

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Here’s a few things to think about:

  • You should spend enough time reading, thinking about and doing the Bible until it becomes a part of who you are.
  • The goal of reading the Bible is to grow. You shouldn’t be in the same place you were a year ago.
  • God can be more real to you now than He was last year.
  • To really get the most out of reading the Bible, it may take tuning some other distractions out of your life.

The Bible is more than just an ordinary book. It has the power to change you. As you read it, it will become more alive to you and you’ll want to know God more. Choose to make the Bible important in your everyday life.

Student Devos Recommends This Book

Living By The Book by Howard and William Hendricks.
This book has some awesome suggestions on ways to make reading the Bible more fun. It also makes reading the Bible seem way less overwhelming!


If you’re a youth leader and want a youth group lesson on reading your Bible, check out the resource below. It comes with all you need to have a great youth group night!

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