Daily Devotional with Bible Verse – Feb 20

Daily devotional with Bible Verse Col 2:9

For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body.
– Colossians 2:9 (NTL)

This is an amazing verse. It says that all the fullness of God lives in Jesus Christ. He did this in a human body. Jesus was fully God while also being fully a man.

This truth is not only astounding, it’s also a key to us living a new life now that we are Christians. If Jesus could have all of God living in Himself as a human, now we can to. In fact that is now a reality. How, you may ask? Because God is a spirit, and now we are a new born again spirit, we can have this same empowerment that Jesus has. We can have all of this fullness of God involved in our human body by yielding to Him and His Word (the Bible).

Today, instead of feeling powerless and defeated, you can feel empowered and an over comer. You do this by acknowledging that just like Jesus, you now have God living on the inside of you. In your spirit, you and Jesus are one. You have all the fullness of God in you just like He does. This is powerful stuff! The new testament scriptures are all about bringing this truth into reality for you. Search any time the new testament says, “In Him”.  You’ll find a list of verses that tell us who we now are through what Jesus has done.

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