Daily Devotion and Bible Verse – Romans 3:23

For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. – Romans 3:23

It’s amazing how much small things matter.  Have you ever gotten a small rock in your shoe when you were walking or running? The small rock can effect your ability to run or walk effectively. Until you remove it, it will slow you down and be a bother to you.

That’s a lot like what sin did to our relationship with God. Even the smallest sin kept you from a relationship with God. From the smallest to the largest sin, we all have messed up and don’t deserve heaven or a relationship with God.

The good news is that God wasn’t satisfied with us being separated from a relationship with Him. That’s why He sent Jesus to be the payment for our sin. Even though in our own efforts and merits, we couldn’t meet God’s standard, God made it possible for us to be made right with Him through Jesus.

Take some time today to thank God for His wonderful gift to us. It’s not based on our merit or good works, but all on Jesus’ sacrifice.

Romans 3:23 verse

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