Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Psalm 78:7

Daily Bible Verse and Devotion for teens

In this way, every generation will have a living faith in the laws of life
and will never forget the faithful ways of God. – Psalm 78:7 (TPT)

I always thought that I would live for God when I was older. I figured I’d lean on the faith of my parents and then I’d really go all-in for God when I got to be an adult. However, as I went to some youth camps and began to learn more about the Bible, I realized that I shouldn’t wait. I could develop a relationship with God and a faith walk of my own.

Today’s Bible verse talks about how every generation has to have a living faith. God doesn’t want to have a dull, boring lifeless relationship with you. Instead, He wants you to have a living faith. That means God wants to speak to you. God wants to show you things to come and things about your future. He wants to talk to you, help you know how to deal with the mean girl who rides your school bus. God desires to give you the wisdom to know how to talk to your friend who has parents that are going through a divorce. God wants to have a living relationship with you.

He doesn’t want to do this when you get to be an adult. Rather God can speak to you now. He can lead and guide you right now. So don’t wait. Don’t follow after God when you get older, choose to go deep now.

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