Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – January 29

But when he had become powerful, he also became proud, which led to his downfall. He sinned against the Lord his God by entering the sanctuary of the Lord’s Temple and personally burning incense on the incense altar. – 2 Chronicles 26:16 (NLT)

When you face success in life, no matter how big or small, it can be easy to fall into the temptation of becoming prideful. Maybe you got the best grade on your math test in the whole class or got the trumpet solo for the jazz band. If left unchecked, you can begin to think that you’re better than everyone else. When you’re successful, you have to decide to keep a humble attitude.

Uzziah was successful as a leader and began to think of himself more highly than he should have. He believed that he was above the rules and as a result, sinned against God. His pride was his downfall.

When you face success, there’s nothing wrong with being happy and proud of your accomplishments. However, don’t let that pride grow to the point where it becomes your downfall. Choose instead to always thank God for your success and stay teachable and humble. If you keep those things in mind, you’ll always be able to handle success in positive ways.

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