Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Genesis 2:18

What are your personal thoughts regarding marriage? Maybe you’ve seen a good example of marriage in your parents, so you desire one day to be married yourself. Or perhaps, you’ve seen some examples in your life that weren’t so good, and so you begin to wonder if it’s something that is good.

Marriage began with God in the garden of Eden. God created Adam and said this:

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. – Genesis 2:18 (NIV)

God was the one who created the idea of marriage. He saw that Adam needed a helper and so He made one for Adam. From the beginning, marriage was the plan of God.

In our world today, the idea of marriage is not often celebrated. Yes, people have weddings and ceremonies, but often the idea of marriage comes after a couple has lived together for several years. Or sometimes, people even decide never to get married, but to have kids with a partner. These ideas are not the way God intended marriage to work.

If we’re going to be followers of God, we have to look to His example. And we see the first example of this in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. God intended marriage to be one man and one woman, coming together for life. Anything else falls short of God’s intention.

So we should challenge our thinking to line up to what God’s example for us is. That means that even if we’ve seen bad examples of marriage in people we know, or on TV, we should still look to God’s word as to what marriage means. So today, if you haven’t think about what marriage looks like in God’s original design. And decide that even if no one else is, decide that you will stand up, and have a marriage that looks like God’s example in your life.

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