Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Deuteronomy 8:11

Sometimes, it’s the hardest to serve God when it seems like everything is going well in your life. It’s almost like when things are going well, then you don’t really need to pray as much, or spend time in God’s word. And in those seasons, it’s easy to let your relationship with God become less important to you.

That’s what today’s Bible verse challenges us against. It says that in times of plenty don’t forget God. When everything is going good it’s easy to think, I’ve got this. I don’t need God’s help as much.

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“But that is the time to be careful! Beware that in your plenty you do not forget the LORD your God and disobey his commands, regulations, and decrees that I am giving you today. – Deuteronomy 8:11 (NLT)

But as the verse says, that’s the time to be careful. We have to be sure that we don’t begin to think that all of our blessings came to us on their own. We have to be sure to remember that God has seen you through to this point and not to let your relationship with God become less important when things are going well for you.

So if you’ve been guilty of making your relationship with God less important recently, determine to put it in the proper place of importance in your life. Your relationship with God is just as important when things are good for you as it is in times of trial. Spend time in God’s word, and talking to God, and enjoy the rich and rewarding relationship He has for you.

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