Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – 2 Kings 6:6

The man of God asked, “Where did it fall?” When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float. – 2 Kings 6:6 (NIV)

In today’s Bible verse, we see Elisha helping out on a very basic thing. They had been working, and as they worked, the axe head they’d been using fell into the water. It sunk to the bottom, and to make matters worse, it was a tool that had been borrowed. If you’re anything like me, if you dropped a tool in the water, the last thing you’d think about doing is to ask God for help. I’d probably be freaking out and thinking through how I was going to tell the person I’d borrowed the axe from that it was at the bottom of the river.

Instead, Elisha does the miraculous, and the axe floats. Isn’t that amazing? Instead of panic, he went to God and got his answer.

It makes me wonder, how often do we miss God’s help because we don’t even think to ask? I’d guess it’s a lot more often than we realize. God could be helping us with lots of things, and yet we often don’t even think to ask Him.

I believe that God is willing and ready to help us in every area of our lives. From big things to small ones, we can count on Him to come through for us. So don’t get busy today and forget that God wants to help you. All you have to do is believe that He wants to do it and ask Him. Then you’ll get good results.

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