Are You Stuff-y?

teen-stuff-devotionSo much of the culture today is consumed with the pursuit of stuff. We think if we could just have a better car, we’d be happy. If we could just be dating that person of our dreams, then we’d be happy. Or if we could just get out of our parent’s house, we would then be happy.

A ton of our life is spent in the pursuit of ‘stuff’. We think that if we just get this one new thing we will be happy. But often when we get that thing, something is still lacking. We try and we try for more stuff, only to find that the ‘stuff’ doesn’t really make us happy.

So what do we do? If the pursuit of stuff won’t make us happy, than what should we be going after?

The story of God appearing to Solomon shows us something in about what we should go after. Solomon had God appear to him and God asked him what he wanted. Solomon could have asked God for anything. He could have asked God for money, fame, or the girl of his dreams. Instead Solomon asks God for something really unexpected. He asks God for wisdom.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]That night God came to Solomon and said, “Ask me for whatever you want me to give you.” – 2 Chronicles 1:7 [/quote]

This is really interesting to me. Solomon could have asked God for all kinds of stuff here. However, Solomon must have known that the pursuit of stuff wouldn’t make him happy and fulfilled. He must have known that by seeking after stuff, he would wind up wanting more and more stuff. He could never get enough stuff to really make him happy. So Solomon asks God for wisdom and for help.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Now give me wisdom and knowledge so that I can lead these people in the right way. No one could rule this great nation without your help.”  – 2 Chronicles 1:10[/quote]

Solomon realizes that there is something more important than stuff. Solomon also realized that he needed God’s help to live his life and to make wise decisions. What Solomon asked for really impressed God. God liked what Solomon asked for so much that God made him wealthy and gave him lots of stuff.

So the lesson we can learn from Solomon is this: there is something better than the pursuit of stuff. Getting God’s wisdom on how to live our lives is way better than any stuff. Making God number one in your life will bring satisfaction that stuff never will.

Choose to make God number one in your life. Choose to not go after stuff, but go after God and after His wisdom. When you do, you’ll find you’re happier and more fulfilled.

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