50 Shades of Green

devotion for teen on sharing your faith 50 shades of green

You know what a chameleon does to protect itself from getting eaten? It changes it’s skin color to match to it’s surroundings. If it’s around a bunch of green leaves, it will change to look just like them. If it’s around brown sticks and mud, it will change to look like that instead.

That’s a lot like how many Christians are today. In order to not get ridiculed or made fun of, they will make sure their life looks like all others around them. Even if they have a genuine relationship with Jesus, they will simply keep nice and quiet about their faith so no one will know.

If this is you, you might be keeping yourself from being ridiculed but at the same time you are letting people all around you stay in the same spot they are. People need the light of Jesus and the love of God in their lives. But they need to hear it or be reminded of it or they will never know God. They need for you to be honest about who you are and for you to speak about your relationship with God in front of them.

When you do step out and begin making it public that you are a follower of Jesus and are committed to Him, some people will not like it. You may very get ridiculed and persecuted.

2 Timothy 3:12 says: Those who try to live a godly life because they believe in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

The Bible says that if you live a Godly life; a life where you don’t just blend in, you will suffer persecution. This means that some people will hate you and want to stop you. When you are open about Jesus and what He is in your life, this can cause some to reject it and want to stop you.

However, in the midst of being persecuted for your believe in Jesus, some will want what you have. If you be honest about who you are and what Jesus has done for you, some will have the chance to see a real christian living out their faith. This may be all some need to decide they want it Jesus too.

No one likes to be unpopular and made fun of. We as human beings are made to want acceptance by others. That is normal. But we must decide to live out who we are and to share about Jesus even if it costs us to not be accepted by some. We don’t want to cower and be afraid of what people think about us and our christian faith.

If you have been hiding in the crowd, looking like everyone else, it’s time to step out and be different. It’s time to not blend in and keep quiet about who you really are and what you believe. Decide today that you will not be let worrying what others think stop you from showing your true colors. Chose today to not blend in but to be a light for Jesus around your friends and the places you go.

Here’s a simple prayer to be bold: “Jesus I don’t want to hide in with the crowd and stay silent about You! Help arrange opportunities for me to share my faith with those around me. Thank You Lord for giving me boldness today to live out loud for You!

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    March 14, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    Thanks this really will help me improve my faith.

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